Understanding Legislation

There are a number of state laws in place that support the undocumented community here in California. It is important that individuals stay inform of these laws so that they can best utilize the resources available to them. At this time no state laws have been impacted by the new presidential election. We will continue to update the community on any policy changes. 

State Legislation Directly Impacting Undocumented Immigrants


Bill Name



Who qualifies?


In State Tuition

Exempts students from out-of-state tuition fees

• Attend three full years of high school in CA or the equivalent for a GED

• Graduate from a CA high school, obtain a Certificate of Completion or a GED in CA

• Not possess a valid nonimmigrant visa (unless a T or a U)

Expansion of AB 540

Expands AB 540 to include students who graduate early from high school with 3 years of HS credit

• Students who meet the AB 540 requirements and have obtained a high school diploma either by attending a CA high school or an accelerated learning program 

California Dream Act

First Bill

Students who meet the in-state tuition requirements are able to apply for and receive scholarships from non-state funds.


• Those who qualify for AB 540







California Dream Act

Second Bill

Allows students that meet the in-state tuition requirements to apply for state financial aid at CA public colleges and universities.

• Those who qualify for AB 540

CA DREAM Loan Program

Undocumented students attending a UC or CSU campus may receive a loan of up to $4,000 each academic year with a cap of $20,000 total.

• AB-540 qualifying students

• Those who have the qualifying income

Professional Licenses for 2016

This bill prohibits any of the 40 licensing boards under the California Department of Consumer Affairs from denying licensure to an applicant based on their citizenship status or immigration status.

• Anyone eligible to apply for a license after completing their education

Driver License Implementation

This bill requires the Department of Motor Vehicles to issue driver licenses to an applicant who is unable to prove legal presence in the US.

• Any undocumented individual who is able to pass all driver license requirements